On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 02:45:34PM -0800, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Jonathan Nieder <jrnie...@gmail.com> writes:
> > John Keeping wrote:
> >
> >>   Documentation/Makefile: fix inherited {html,info,man}dir
> >
> > This doesn't seem to have hit the list.
> More importantly, 
> >> When using the top-level install-doc target the html, info and man
> >> target directories are inherited from the top-level Makefile by the
> >> documentation Makefile as relative paths, which is not expected and
> >> results in the files being installed in an unexpected location.
> I am not sure what problem it is trying to address.  During every
> cycle "make doc && make install-man install-html" is run for all
> integration branches and it didn't cause any problems.
> A wild guess.  John, are you using config.mak.autogen?

Close - plain config.mak.

I set $prefix there and ran "make install-doc".  That installed the man
pages in Documentation/share/man/ in my Git source directory.

> I _think_ exporting mandir/html/infodir from the top-level Makefile
> is wrong to begin with.  We should drop the "export mandir" from
> there.
> Giving them unusual meaning (e.g. "mandir = share/man") is already
> bad and that needs to be fixed by limiting this "oh, on some
> platforms we compile-in GIT_MAN_PATH as a relative path to an
> unspecified place" insanity only to where -DGIT_MAN_PATH=<path> is
> defined.  The path used there does not help the building and
> installation of the documentation at all, so the variable used for
> the purpose of giving that <path> should not be named the same way
> as the variable used on Documentation/Makefile to name the real path
> in the first place.
> Perhaps rename these to runtime_{man,html,info}dir or something and
> make sure {man,html,info}dir are defined as the real paths whose
> default values begin with $(prefix)?

Would it be sensible to define the values for these variables (with
absolute paths) in a separate top-level file like config.mak.uname
(defaults.mak maybe?) and include that in both Documentation/Makefile
and Makefile, then calculate the relative path from $(prefix) to
$({man,html,info}dir) for the compiled-in values.

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