On Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 08:51:45AM -0800, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Matt Kraai <kr...@ftbfs.org> writes:
> > From: Matt Kraai <matt.kr...@amo.abbott.com>
> >
> > "rm -f -r" fails on QNX when not passed any files to remove.
> I do not think it is limited to QNX.
> > the clean target, since dep_dirs is empty.
> And dep_dirs being empty under some circumstance shouldn't be
> limited to QNX, either.
> I think your change does no harm, may be a good change if dep_dirs
> goes empty, but the justification is lacking.  What caused your
> dep_dirs to become empty in the first place?
> I am scratching my head because I see
>       $(XDIFF_OBJS) \
>       $(VCSSVN_OBJS) \
>       git.o
>     dep_dirs := $(addsuffix .depend,$(sort $(dir $(OBJECTS))))

I don't set COMPUTE_HEADER_DEPENDENCIES, so it defaults to "auto".
The automatic detection determines that the compiler doesn't support
it, so it's then set to "no".  CHECK_HEADER_DEPENDENCIES isn't set
either, so about 20 lines below the dep_dirs assignment you quoted,
dep_dirs is cleared:

 dep_dirs =

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