Martin Erik Werner <> writes:

>> Strictly speaking, you have 6 not 4 combinations (shell variable
>> set/unset * config missing/set to false/set to true).  I think these
>> additional tests cover should all 6 because "config missing" case
>> should already have had tests before bash.showDirtyState was added.
> Indeed, I only mentioned 4 since the other ones existed already, and I
> didn't change them, but maybe it should be mentioned as "combined with
> previous tests (...) cover all 6 combinations (...)" then?

It should be sufficient to change the third line of your original to
say "the config option being missing/enabled/disabled, given a dirty
file." and nothing else, I think.

>> Sign-off?
> Ah, just forgot the -s flag on that commit, yes it should be Signed-off
> by me.

OK, I'll locally amend the patch.  Thanks.
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