XANi venit, vidit, dixit 14.02.2013 01:18:
> Hi,
> any functionality that depends on exact exit msg of program
>  can potentially fail because of that
> ᛯ export |grep LANG
> declare -x LANG="pl_PL.UTF-8"
> ᛯ ~/src/os/git/git log --format="%G? %h" |head -2 
>  0d19377
>  5b9d7f8
> ᛯ unset LANG
> ᛯ ~/src/os/git/git log --format="%G? %h" |head -2
> G 0d19377
> G 5b9d7f8
> tested against maint (d32805d) and master (5bf72ed)
> maybe git should set up some output-changing variables before calling
> external programs? I think setting LC_ALL=C should be enougth.

There are really multiple problems here:

1. git calls gpg without setting LANG but expects output in LANG=C

2. git looks at the textual output from gpg to check the validity.

3. In fact, it does so only for %G and the display of signed merge
commits, in all other cases it checks the return code only.

gpg is not supposed to be used like that.

Since the callers of verify_signed_buffer do that craziness there is
some refactoring to be done.

A false hotfix would be to set LANG=C when calling gpg from git, but
that wouldn't solve the real problem. Besides, we do want LANG dependent
output for the user.

I'll have a closer look.

BTW: Thanks for the clear report :)

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