Matthew DeVore <> writes:

> On Tue, Aug 06, 2019 at 02:58:38PM -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> * md/list-objects-filter-combo (2019-06-28) 10 commits
>>  - list-objects-filter-options: make parser void
>>  - list-objects-filter-options: clean up use of ALLOC_GROW
>>  - list-objects-filter-options: allow mult. --filter
>>  - strbuf: give URL-encoding API a char predicate fn
>>  - list-objects-filter-options: make filter_spec a string_list
>>  - list-objects-filter-options: move error check up
>>  - list-objects-filter: implement composite filters
>>  - list-objects-filter-options: always supply *errbuf
>>  - list-objects-filter: put omits set in filter struct
>>  - list-objects-filter: encapsulate filter components
>>  The list-objects-filter API (used to create a sparse/lazy clone)
>>  learned to take a combined filter specification.
>>  Will merge to 'next'.
> This has been the status for a while, and I don't see it on "next."

I doubt it will be during -rc freeze period, before the final week
of the upcoming release.  

> I notice Johannes wanted a fix for incorrect strbuf usage to fix a linter 
> check
> - (just saw his earlier message now) is that the cause of the delay?

That may be some of it.  When we approach -rc (that was a few weeks
ago), any large change not ready for 'next' would get backburnered
to allow higher priority "oops, that one is already in or just about
to go in 'master', but it needs this fixup before the final" topics
to graduate sooner.


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