On Wed, Aug 07, 2019 at 01:08:22PM +0000, Yagnatinsky, Mark wrote:
> I hope this is the right mailing list, hope someone will redirect me if not...

Yes, you are at the right place, wellcome to the Git community.

> The git documentation (git help config) for core.autocrlf doesn't mention 
> that false is a valid option; it only mentions true and input.

This is somewhat common to all config settings:
WHen a new feature is introduced, Git treats "config not defined" as false.
This allows later Git versions to behave like older versions,
when the config is not set.
In that sense "not set" means the same as "false", and is the opposite to 
(At least for core.autocrlf).

Later the third value "input" was introduced.

> Further, the docs for "input" are misleading, in that they lead the reader to 
> assume it behaves like "false".
We can agree on that.

> Would probably be nice if this were fixed :)

Yes, do I read this as "I will send a patch" ?
That would be nice.

> Mark.

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