On Thu, Aug 08, 2019 at 03:08:06PM -0600, jim.cro...@gmail.com wrote:
> fwiw,
> jimc@frodo:~/prj-1/capnproto.git$ git branch -l
> * master
> I find the splat in the response unhelpful
> when wrapped in shell for loop, the splat expands into everything in
> current directory
> jimc@frodo:~/prj-1/capnproto.git$ for b in `git branch -l`; do echo $b; done
> appveyor.yml
> c++
> CMakeLists.txt
> ...
> it would be nice if some flag combo would suppress that splat.
> save me from fugly brittle sh $IFS fiddlery and incomplete workarounds

'git branch' is not intended for scripting, try 'git for-each-ref'
instead.  The equivalent command should be:

  git for-each-ref --format='%(refname:strip=2)' refs/heads/

> also, I found no mention of the splat in the man page.

It's in the first sentence of the description :)

  If --list is given, or if there are no non-option arguments, existing
  branches are listed; the current branch will be highlighted in green
  and marked with an asterisk.

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