Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> ...  If anything,
> perhaps such a description should go to "git help revisions", as it
> is not just "blame" but "log". "The dots notation is not about
> date-based cutoff, unlike the --since/--until options" is shared by
> all history traversal tools.

By this, I do not necessarily mean "hence such a piece of info
should not be added to the documentation of blame".  Rather, an
explanation like "'^A' limits an operation to commits that are
topologically newer than A, while '--since=A' limits to commits that
are chronologically newer than A" is shared among "log", "blame" and
friends, and would be better to be clarified in documentation for
all of them.  Especially ...

>> +  git blame v2.6.18.. -- foo
>> +
>> +... If changes from branch `fix` were merged in after
>> +v2.6.18, the commits on `fix` which introduced those changes will appear
>> +in the output of 'git blame', even if those commits took place at an
>> +earlier time than v2.6.18.

... is a brilliant way to illustrate how "A.., i.e. topologically
newer than A" is different from "--since=A, i.e. chronologically
newer than A", whose understanding would help readers to understand
not just "blame" but "log".


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