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> From: Mark Rushakoff <mark.rushak...@gmail.com>
> Inspired by 21416f0a07 ("restore: fix typo in docs", 2019-08-03), I ran
> "git grep -E '(\b[a-zA-Z]+) \1\b' -- Documentation/" to find other cases
> where words were duplicated, e.g. "the the", and in most cases removed
> one of the repeated words.
> There were many false positives by this grep command, including
> deliberate repeated words like "really really" or valid uses of "that
> that" which I left alone, of course.
> I also did not correct any of the legitimate, accidentally repeated
> words in old RelNotes.

Thanks. I read over each of these, and they are all obviously the right
thing to do.


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