On Sat, Aug 10, 2019 at 09:05:33AM -0700, Gregory Szorc wrote:

> I tracked down a source of Git corrupting repositories to lock file
> design not being robust when containers / PID namespaces are present.
> In my case, the corruption stemmed from premature release of the `git
> gc` lock in the gc.pid file. But since the lock file code for that file
> is in gc.c, there could be other lock files in Git affected by the same
> design limitation as well.

I don't think there are. Most of Git's locks are predicated purely on
the existence of the lockfile (with the intent that they'd work over
systems like NFS). The gc lock is a weird one-off.

And while it's not great for multiple gc's to run at the same time
(because it wastes CPU), two of them running at the same time shouldn't
cause a corruption. If you have a reproducible demonstration where that
happens, I'd be very interested to see it.


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