On Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 03:31:43PM +0000, Yagnatinsky, Mark wrote:
> Thank you once more.  Finally, I believe I understood everything you said.
> I was about to say that this contradicts my own experience.
> But then I remembered that I normally use my IDE rather than the command line.
> And I just checked that indeed that the behavior of my IDE is totally 
> different!

Would you like to elobarate which IDE that is?
The core.autocrlf handling has been improved a couple of times,
and it seams that your IDE does things different from git.git
(Which is not ideal)

> It renormalizes line endings of existing files whenever autocrlf is set to 
> input.
> Sigh.  Okay, great, life makes sense again.  I want to yell at my IDE now.
> I now feel brave enough to attempt to come up with better wording for 
> autocrlf docs, if you think that's worth trying.

That would be good, I am happy to review patches.

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