On Tue, 13 Aug 2019 15:00:13 PDT (-0700), gits...@pobox.com wrote:
Palmer Dabbelt <pal...@sifive.com> writes:

The existing --jobs argument was defined to control the number of jobs
used for submodule fetching, but it makes more sense to have this
argument control the number of jobs to be used when fetching from
multiple remotes as well.

This patch simply changes the --jobs argument parsing code to set both
max_children_for_{submodules,fetch}, as well as noting this new behavior
in the documentation.

That's a sensible, if overly careful, transition plan.  This patch
cannot be queued together with the other four, though, for the plan
to be practical.  It probably needs to come a few releases after the
other four hits a release.

A less involved and much more careless transition plan may be to
just declare that "--jobs that only controls submodule fetches is a
bug and it must also affect how fetches from multiple remote
repositories are done" and come directly to this step, without
necessarily introducing options that control them independently.

I have a suspicion that we can afford to go the careless route for
this particular one, if we wanted to, as not may people would care
about controlling these independently.

This was brought up as part of the v1, and the cover letter lays out a plan to do so. I'm happy to re-spin the patch set to just have --jobs control everything.

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