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On Sat, Feb 16, 2013 at 12:03:58AM +0000, Alain Kalker wrote:

but that warning makes sense. You did not create a bundle that contains HEAD, therefore when we clone it, we do not know what to point HEAD to.
You probably wanted "git bundle create ../repo.bundle --all" which
includes both "master" and "HEAD".

That explains it, thanks! Maybe this could be added as an example to the documentation for `git bundle`? People looking at `man git-bundle` hoping to use it as one possible way to make a backup of a Git repository might
not realize right away that --all is the way to specify all refs, like
with `git log`.

I had posted a documentation patch back in Setemeber last year,,
however Junio highlighted some additional concerns that I wasn't able to respond to at the time.

It may be worth resurrecting once the concerns have been addressed.

It would be slightly more accurate to say "the remote HEAD does not
exist", rather than "refers to nonexistent ref".  It would perhaps be
nicer still for "git clone" to make a guess about the correct HEAD when one is not present (especially in the single-branch case, it is easy to
make the right guess).

Patches welcome. In the meantime, you can clone with "-b master" to tell it explicitly, or you can "git checkout master" inside the newly-cloned

Thanks again for your help, very welcome :-)


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