Google announced the 2013 incarnation of the Google Summer of Code
program on Feb 11:


Git has taken part in previous years, so I figure somebody should get
the ball rolling again!  The following items need to be sorted out:

* We need an org admin.  AFAIK this was done by Peff and Shawn in
  tandem last year.  Would you do it again?

* We should prepare an "ideas page".  Last year, Peff made one on


  I couldn't edit it there over git access[1], so I made a clone in "my"
  github wiki:


  I'll volunteer to manage that wiki[2].  Please either edit it
  directly, or send me patches or pull requests.  I won't really have
  time to properly review them, but I'll do my best to merge everything.

* Naturally that ideas page is a bit stale now, and three projects
  shorter.  Please propose new ideas and refresh or delete the old ones!
  In particular some projects spawned long discussions on the list, and
  the results of those discussions should be integrated to avoid deja

* We should have a pool of mentors and rough mentor-project matchings.
  I gathered a -- certainly incomplete -- list of previous mentors and
  students in the Cc field; maybe some of you are interested again?  If
  so, propose your own ideas and/or list yourself in the "proposed
  mentors" for some existing projects.  (I cleared all those fields for

* Even if you don't want to mentor, you can still contribute by helping
  with discussing and ranking proposals, especially immediately before
  and after the project submission deadline (May 3).

If we want to participate again, we need to get together an org
application until *March 29* 19:00 UTC, and it won't exactly hurt to
have the ideas page settled until then too.

It would be really nice if we could do this again, I think GSoC is a
great opportunity both for Git and the involved students.


[1]  That's a bit silly really, since I *can* edit it via the web
interface.  Peff, perhaps you can get that fixed?

[2]  Unless Peff wants to take it over again?  You could just pull it
from the git version, it's based on your history.

Thomas Rast
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