Johannes, thanks for working on this problem!

In the previous discussion, there was a suggestion to change
'--stdin' to '--paths-file', where '--paths-file -' would mean stdin:

I believe that was a good suggestion for a few reasons:
1) Supporting files in addition to stdin sounds reasonable for its cost.
2) '--paths-file' will support files and stdin with the same "interface",
   avoiding the possible need for another interface later.
3) '--paths-file' sounds more self-documented then '--stdin'.

Later, we intend to provide patches to extend the same feature to
multiple other commands, at least {add, checkout, commit, rm, stash},
and I'm merely trying to avoid possible design issues for this
larger-scale change.

If you don't mind the suggestion but not willing to spend time
implementing it, we'd like to step in and contribute the remaining

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