Jeff King <> writes:

>>     Answer. There is a single hit inside fsck.c that wants to report
>>     an error without killing ourselves in fsck_commit_buffer().  I
>>     however doubt its use of get_commit_tree() is correct in the
>>     first place.  The function is about validating the commit object
>>     payload manually, without trusting the result of parse_commit(),
>>     and it does read the object name of the tree object; the call to
>>     get_commit_tree() used for reporting the error there should
>>     probably become has_object() on the tree_oid.
> I actually think that check should be removed entirely. That function is
> about checking the syntactic validity of the object itself, not about
> connectivity (which is handled separately). We already check that we
> have a valid "tree" pointer earlier in the function.

Of course, you're right.

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