Scott Chacon <> writes:

> We're starting off in Berlin, May 9-11th.  GitHub has secured
> conference space at the Radisson Blu Berlin for those days.  I have a
> smaller room for the first day so we can get 30-40 Git implementors
> together to talk about the future of Git and whatnot.

So this has been fairly quiet -- is anyone else coming? :-)

You should probably talk to Radisson Blu about their cancellation
conditions, so as to avoid some nasty arguments.  Their "Features" say

  Cancellations free of charge can be made until 4 weeks prior to
  arrival date.

while their "Hotel Policy" says

  Cancellation Policy:
  - Cancel by 6:00 PM hotel time on May 09 2013 = no penalty.

which is clearly contradictory.

Thomas Rast
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