Dear Git team,

I have recently updated my computer to W10. So, I reinstalled the
newest version of Git, and it is not working. It gives the following

Error: Could not fork child process: Resource temporarily unavailable (-1).
DLL rebasing may be required; see 'rebaseall / rebase --help'.

I tried reinstalling git, it is still not working. I have googled how
to solve it. But none of the solutions out there have been effective.
Some of them were like give permission to git in windows defender,
others said that there was some incompatibility between git and
cygwin... but I don't have cygwin in my computer... and so on. Nothing

Now I have installed git 2.23.0 and the specifications of my computer are these:
OS: W10 enterprise
Processor: core i3-4160T CPU 3.10GHz
System: 64-bit OS, x64-based processor

Can you please help me in any way to solve this?

best regards,
Sebastian Castro Alvarez

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