On 9/11/2019 10:07 PM, Taylor Blau wrote:>>
>> +# A few subtle things about the request in this test:
>> +#
>> +#  - the server must have commit-graphs present and enabled
> I think "enabled" may be somewhat redundant, at least since some recent
> changes to enable this by default. (As an aside, I tried to dig up the
> patches that Stolee sent to actually enable this and back up my claim,
> but I couldn't find them on 'master'. I'm not sure if that's my poor use
> of 'git log', or misremembering the fact that these were enabled by
> default.)

Commit 31b1de6 ("commit-graph: turn on commit-graph by default" 2019-08-13)
is part of ds/feature-macros and seems to be in master (at least in 

Having core.commitGraph=true does very little if the commit-graph is not
written, but gc.writeCommitGraph is also enabled by default in that commit.


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