I'm trying to take a Git repository which has never been in Perforce
and push it to Perforce and having difficulty.

It would appear that git-p4 requires that a repository is cloned using
"git p4 clone" in order to use it to push back to Perforce. That would
not be the case here as the repository in question has never been
tracked by Perforce.

I know that I could create another Git repository that has some
commits in it cloned from Perforce and rebase on top of that; however,
the repository I'm trying to import is rather large and rebasing would
require me to change many merge commits. I'd like to avoid doing this.
The repository has many thousands of commits in it.

In short my question is this: Using git-p4, is there a way to push a
Git repository into Perforce without rebasing on top of commits coming
from Perforce?


Russell Myers
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