Mildred Ki'Lya <> writes:

> The idea is to basically track automatically (in notes, either in the
> notes namespace or in another namespace) which repository/remote
> contains a commit. When doing git log, we'd see lines with each
> commit, something like:
> commit b044e6d0f1a1782820b052348ab0db314e2db3ca
> Author: Myself <myself@localhost.localdomain>
> Date:   Tue Nov 20 16:46:38 2012 +0100
>     This is the commit description
> Published on:
>     origin

The problem here is that doing this in notes is unreliable: you'd have
to identify all places where the set of "publishes" can change for any
commit, and update them there.

It's much easier, if a bit slower, to just run

  git branch -r --contains $commit

Thomas Rast
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