2013/2/19 Ramkumar Ramachandra:
> What is your usecase?  If you have a local branch with the same name
> as on the remote, why wouldn't you want to push-to-update it when you
> make changes in the branch?  In other words, why doesn't push.default
> = matching suffice for most practical purposes.
>> ... or branch.<name>.pushremote can support some kind of a "none" value?
> Not a bad idea at all, provided you tell me your usecase.

The question is infact about branches who are not on the remote.
push.default=matching wouldn't upload the branches which are not there already.
push --all on other hand pushes .. all (as expected :-))...

Its difficult for me to manage quickly, lets say, "news-to-push/*" and
"crazy-ideas/*" branches ...

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