With this patch it is possible to specify a co-author when
committing. You'd just need to provide the --coauthor argument with a
co-author in the format "Co Artur <co-ar...@example.com>". You can
specify multiple co-authors by using the --coauthor argument multiple

The Co-authored-by trailer is something that is commonly used when
people pair up and want multiple authors in the commit message.

The feature was originally proposed here:

Toon Claes (1):
  commit: add support to provide --coauthor

 Documentation/git-commit.txt |  5 ++++
 builtin/commit.c             |  7 ++++++
 sequencer.c                  | 44 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------
 sequencer.h                  |  2 ++
 t/t7502-commit-porcelain.sh  | 11 +++++++++
 5 files changed, 57 insertions(+), 12 deletions(-)


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