Anders Kaseorg <> writes:

> On 10/29/2012 01:10 AM, Michael Haggerty wrote:
>> How do you use GIT_CEILING_DIRECTORIES that the proposed changes cause a
>> slowdown?
> Sorry to bring up this old thread again, but I just realized why my
> computer has been acting so slow when I’m not connected to the
> network. I put various network filesystem paths in
> (to avoid hitting its parents /afs/,
> /afs/, and /afs/ which all
> live in different AFS volumes). Now when I’m not connected to the
> network, every invocation of Git, including the __git_ps1 in my shell
> prompt, waits for AFS to timeout.

Thanks for a report.

Assuming that this says "yes":

        cd "$D"
        test "$(/bin/pwd)" = "$D" && echo yes

iow, AFS mounting does not have funny symbolic link issues that make
the logical and physical PWD to be different like some automounter
implementation used to have, perhaps we can introduce a way for the
user to say "The element of this CEILING list do not have any
alias due to funny symlinks" to solve this.  Perhaps existing of an
empty element in the list would do?  E.g.


or something like that.  And in such a case, we do not run realpath
on the elements on the list before comparing them with what we get
from getcwd(3).

Of course, you could condionally unset the environment while
offline, but that feels like an ugly hack.
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