SZEDER Gábor <> writes:

> On Tue, Oct 08, 2019 at 09:49:35AM +0200, Toon Claes wrote:
>> Add support to provide the Co-author when committing. For each
>> co-author provided with --coauthor=<coauthor>, a line is added at the
>> bottom of the commit message, like this:
>>     Co-authored-by: <coauthor>
>> It's a common practice use when pairing up with other people and both
>> authors want to in the commit message.
> I wonder how we are supposed to use this trailer in the Git project,
> in particular in combination with Signed-off-by.  Should all
> (co)authors sign off as well?  Or will Co-authored-by imply
> Signed-off-by?

I think we have been happy with (1) a comment at the end of the log
message that says X worked together with Y and Z to produce this
patch, and (2) the trailer block that has S-o-b: from X, Y and Z,
without any need for Co-authored-by: trailer so far, and I do not
see any reason to change it in this project.

If other projects wants to use such a footer, that's their choice,
but I am fairly negative to the idea to open the gate to unbounded
number of new options for new trailer lines.  We do not even have
such options like --acked=<acker>, --reported=<reporter>, for the
trailers that are actively used already (and to make sure nobody
misunderstands, I do not think it is a good idea to add such
individual options).


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