Lucas Oshiro <> writes:

> Improve code readability by moving tag body reading to a new function called
> get_tag_body.

Quite honestly, I think the result of this splitting is harder to
follow than the original.

For example, the value of opt->message_given and the validity of
given_msg is very closely related, so if you made the helper
function receive non-NULL given_msg when !opt->message_given, the
helper could only check !given_msg without having to worry about
opt->message_given; with such a change, I could buy that the split
improves code readability, but I do not see any such change in the

> Enhance legibility by encapsulating code that loads previous tag message
> (if any) in new function prepare_tag_template....

The helper seems to be used to _write_ into path, and not load or
read any message from either an object or a file on disk.

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