On Wed, Feb 20, 2013 at 09:05:46AM +0100, Michael J Gruber wrote:

> Maybe, we can - for the next time - try to coordinate the date with the
> various international IT conferences which take place here, like
> Linux-Tag in Berlin (just a few weeks apart), CEBIT in Hannover or the
> smaller Chemnitzer Linux-Tage (or coordinate with events somewhere else
> in Europe). That would give contributors not only more incentive to come
> to the Git event, but also a better chance for successful negotiations
> with their employers. Extending a business trip by a few days is a minor
> issue, granting one in the first place not always.

I actually have the opposite preference; I hate when conferences are
back-to-back, because by the fourth day I'm pretty tired of conferencing
and ready to sit in my hotel room.

Of course, my employer is rather generous with giving time for Git
conferences, so I do not feel the time crunch the way other people do,
and can optimize for relaxation. But I wonder where other people come
down in that tradeoff.

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