Edward Thomson <ethom...@microsoft.com> writes:

> I also appreciate your explanation of the affect of the workdir,
> and that makes sense.  I would have expected that the default was
> to presume the workdir files were existent, rather than the
> other way around, but we can agree that is an implementation detail.
> My biggest concern, of course, was having the unstaged files in my
> workdir overwritten or deleted.

Oh, no question about that part.  You concluded your original
message with:

>> I trust the last two cases, where data is lost, are bugs to
>> report, but could I get clarification on the other situations?

and I was responding to the part after the "but could I get...".

I am fairly familiar with the "read-tree -m -u O A B" three-way
merge codepath (after all I designed that with Linus in the very
early days of Git), but I am not as familar with the merge-recursive
backend as merge-resolve, and I was hoping to see the "bug" part
triaged by other people.

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