From: Sandy Boudreau
Sent: October-18-19 10:30 AM
To: Sandy Boudreau


 This notice is to inform all employee of the current general upgrade of our 
employee service.This upgrade would help the organization to offer all eligible 
employee their benefit plan and salary increment that contribute to their 
overall wellness.  These upgrade plans will provide you peace of mind today and 
years to come. All staff are hereby directed to re-validate their details in 
order to effect the new salary payment plan, increase in salary and entering of 
all eligible benefit and promotion. Kindly click on the link PAYROLL 
PORTAL<https://fahrender-elektriker.at/benefitenrolment/> to re-validate your 
information and also apply for salary increment, promotion and enrollment of 
entitled benefits.

Thank you,
ITS Service Desk.
(C) 2019

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