Hi all,

I tried pretty hard yesterday to get a preview of Git for Windows out,
based on v2.24.0-rc0, but I need a bit more time.

The PR at https://github.com/git-for-windows/git/pull/2360 shows where I
am going, and I started the automation based on it, but it failed (and I
could not monkey patch it into succeeding).

The main issue is that I _really_ want to move the system config back
where it was in the olden Git for Windows v1.x days: into
`<Git>\etc\gitconfig` (in most cases, that would be `C:\Program

Alas, it is this move that is not _quite_ done yet, as the automation's
failures indicate. For some reason, it cannot find the SSL certificates
(which are configured as a path relative to the runtime prefix, so I
guess that is what is going wrong somehow).

I need to take a break this weekend, and will continue working on -rc0
on Monday.


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