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James French <james.fre...@naturalmotion.com> wrote:

> I wonder if someone could help me. I installed git on a Mac and then
> I copied the install somewhere else (which I do want to do, trust
> me).  I'm now having trouble with git svn. I'm getting "Can't locate
> Git/SVN.pm in @INC..."
> I've added the bin folder to PATH. What else do I need to do? Do I
> need to use -exec-path=/MyPathToGit/libexec/git-core? How do I change
> the content of @INC?
> Apologies if this is a dumb question, I'm not much of a unix man.

`git svn` is implemented in Perl (which is supposedly bundled with your
Git package, but I'm not sure), and "SVN.pm" is a Perl module (a
library written in Perl, ".pm" stands for "Perl Module").

@INC is an internal variable used by Perl to locate its modules.
Its contents is partially inferred from the Perl's installation
location and partially from the environment.

This [1] should help you get started with affecting @INC.

1. http://stackoverflow.com/a/2526809/720999
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