Jeff King <> writes:

> But here's where it gets tricky. In addition to catching any size
> mismatches, this will also catch signedness problems. I.e., if we make
> OPT_INTEGER() use "intp", then everybody passing in &unsigned_var now
> gets a compiler warning. Which maybe is a good thing, I dunno.

Hmph, true.  I'd agree with back-burnering it for now.  

Perhaps we'd fix the signedness issue one by one in a preparatory
series before converting the value field to a union, if we want to
pursue this idea further (in which I am mildly interested, by the
way), but it does sound like it should be given lower priority.

> So that's where I gave up. Converting between signed and unsigned
> variables needs to be done very carefully, as there are often subtle
> impacts (e.g., loop terminations). And because we have so many sign
> issues already, compiling with "-Wsign-compare", etc, isn't likely to
> help.



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