Denton Liu <> writes:

> According to t/README, test_must_fail() should only be used to test for
> failure in Git commands. Replace the invocations of
> `test_must_fail grep` with `! grep`.
> Signed-off-by: Denton Liu <>
> ---
> *sigh* Here's another cleanup patch for 'dl/submodule-set-branch'. It's
> inspired by Eric Sunshine's comments on the t5520 patchset from earlier.
> It's definitely not urgent, though, and can wait for v2.25.0.

True, but they are trivially correct and removes the risk of
inexperienced developers copying and pasting this bad pattern to
other tests that was added during this cycle, so I think it is a
good idea to take it now.

Thanks for being extra careful.

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