Brandon Casey <> writes:

> Yes.  The fix described by John Keeping restores the above behavior
> for 'commit -s'.  Or the fix I described which inserts two preceding
> newlines so it looks like this:
>    ----------------------------------------------------------------
>    Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
>    ----------------------------------------------------------------
> So then the cursor would be placed on the first line and a space would
> separate it from the sob which is arguably a better indication to the
> user that a blank line should separate the commit message body from
> the sob.

That sounds like an improvement to me.

> But, this does not fix the same problem for 'cherry-pick --edit -s'
> when used to cherry-pick a commit without a sob. ...
> Using 'cherry-pick --edit -s' to cherry-pick a commit with an empty
> commit message is going to be a pretty rare corner case....

We actively discourage an empty commit message by requiring users to
say "commit --allow-empty-message".  I think it is in line with the
philosophy for a Porcelain command "git cherry-pick -s" to punish
users by making them work harder to use a commit with an empty
message ;-).

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