On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 07:11:54AM -0800, Joshua Clayton wrote:

> running git svn fetch on a remote repository (yes I know there are a
> lot of possible outside variables, including network latency)
> Code with 1024 reads and 64k writes:
> real    75m19.906s
> user    16m43.919s
> sys     29m16.326s
> Code with 1024 reads and 1024 writes:
> real    71m21.006s
> user    12m36.275s
> sys     24m26.112s
> ...so the simpler code wins the trivial test.

Interesting; I'd have expected no change or a slight win for your
version, which makes me wonder if the outside variables are dominating.
I wonder what 64K/64K would look like.

> I would say go with it.
> Should I resubmit?

Yes, please.

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