Sergey Sergeev <> writes:

[jc: please do not top-post]

> You are right,
> I'll rethink this patch and write some test for this cases.


Note that this is harder to implement than one would naïvely think,
if one aims for a very generic solution, without walking the whole

I personally think that it is OK to limit the scope to expressions
that start from the tip of ref and expressions that start with the
SHA-1 at the tip of ref, e.g.

    5dc01c595e6c6ec9ccda        # tag v2.6.11
    26791a8bcf0e6d33f43a:arch   # tag v2.6.12
    26791a8bcf0~12:arch         # starting at 26791a8b and dig down

are OK, while forbidding the following:

    c39ae07f393806ccf406        # tree of tag v2.6.11
    9ee1c939d1cb936b1f98        # commit v2.6.12^0
    9ee1c939d1cb936b1f98:       # tree of commit v2.6.12^0
    9ee1c939d1cb936b1f98:arch   # subtree of commit v2.6.12^0

which will make it significantly easier to implement the necessary
validation in a robust way.
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