On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 02:53:48PM -0800, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> > I guess we should probably issue a warning, too. Also disappointingly,
> > git-fsck does not seem to detect this breakage at all.
> Yes for the warning, 

Unfortunately, a good warning is harder than I had hoped. At the point
where we notice the problem, pp_user_info, we have very little context.
We can say only something like:

  warning: malformed date in ident 'Jeff King <p...@peff.net> BOGUS'

but we cannot say in which object, or even that it was a "tagger" line
(and in some cases we do not even have an object, as in

> and no for disappointing.  IIRC, in the very early implementations
> allowed tag object without dates.
> I _think_ we can start tightening fsck, though.

Then I think it would make sense to allow the very specific no-date tag,
but not allow arbitrary crud. I wonder if there's an example in the
kernel or in git.git.

I also took a look at parsing routine of "cat-file -p". It's totally
hand-rolled, separate from what "git show" does, and is not build on the
pretty-print code at all. I wonder, though, if it actually makes sense
to munge the date there. The commit-object pretty-printer for cat-file
just shows the object intact. It seems weirdly inconsistent that we
would munge tags just to rewrite the date. If you want a real
pretty-printer, you should be using porcelain like "show".

It would be a regression, of course, for people relying on "cat-file -p"
to have consistent output. But I am very tempted to call it a bug, and
tempted to call "cat-file -p" inside a script a bad thing (you cannot,
after all, tell what object type you have; you should figure out the
type you expect and then use "cat-file <type> <obj>" to make sure you
get the right one).

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