got a web host where I want to put git - it has no c compiler, so I
have to compile elsewhere.    ssh is also locked out, so I have to use
https.         The site uses both 64bit and 32bit hosts.

On a 32bit vm, I compiled the 32bit version of git fine with -static,
sent the binaries over, and it works perfectly.

On a 64bit vm, I just cannot get a 64 bit version of git compiling
with -static...  or more precisely - I can but can't whatever I have
tried get a remote-http and remote-https to turn up in libexec.
Even when I hack the configure to force NO_CURL=  and NO_OPENSSL=   -
and add every extra library I seem to need   (-lcrypto, -lssl -lkrb5
-ldl) it refuses to compile - giving me a bunch of missing krb5_*

If I compile without static, it works - but the shared libraries
aren't found when it's run from the web host.  If I try running the
32bit version on the 64bit host, it doesn't find some library - and if
I try the 64bit version that I can properly get compiling statically,
I get an error saying no remote found for https.

Please help - it's driving me insane... can anyone tell me how to
compile a 64 bit static version of git under centos 5.6?

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