From: "Junio C Hamano" <>
Sent: Sunday, February 24, 2013 8:59 AM
David Aguilar <> writes:

This is referring to "git the command", not "git the system",
so it should not be changed according to the rule that was
applied when many "git" strings were changed to "Git".

That sounds like a sensible objection.

I'd read the messages in the tone 'commands of the Git system', but I can see that both views are equally plausible. Though the final _("git: '%s' is not a Git command. See 'git --help'.") can't be referring to a 'git-<cmd>', obviously ;-)

There are scripts, etc. in the wild that parse this output.
which is another reason we would not want to change this.

Are there?  For what purpose?

Especially when these are all _("l10n ready"), I find that somewhat

The bash completion (in contrib/) does read from the command list
IIRC.  I do not think it relies on the messages, though.

I was aware of that bash completion used 'git help -a' so I avoided changing the response to that option. Initially I'd thought of making '-a' provide both commands and guides but knew I'd need to ensure the completion would still be sensible. I'd taken Juio's earlier advice to keep '-a' unchanged and simply add the -g|--guides option as a supplemental 'git help' response..

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