Michael Haggerty <mhag...@alum.mit.edu> writes:

> I wonder whether it would be to far off the beaten path to allow glob
> patterns in the branch specification; e.g.,
>    [multimailhook "refs/heads/release-*"]
>          mailingList = q...@example.com

Yes, that would be even better.

> For the case of multiple glob patterns matching a branch name, there
> would probably have to be a notion of "best match", but that doesn't
> seem too difficult.

I'd rather have a simple rule here like "last one wins" or so. Saying
that foo-bar-* is a better match than foo-* may be easy, but you can
hardly avoid having corner-cases like foo-*-boz vs foo-bar-* when
matching foo-bar-boz.

> This feature could also be used to get the functionality of your
> proposal for skipRefs and onlyRefs [1] in a more general way:
>    [multimailhook]
>          mailingList = s...@example.com
>    [multimailhook "refs/heads/user/$USER/*"]
>          mailingList = ""

Yes, I thougth about that, but it is not only "more general", but also
"less conveinient":

          mailingList = s...@example.com
          refchangelist = ot...@example.com
    [multimailhook "refs/heads/user/$USER/*"]
          mailingList = ""
          # Oops, forgot to override refchangelist, the mail will still
          # be sent.

So skipRefs and onlyRefs would still make sense IMHO.

Matthieu Moy
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