Hi Jens,

(sorry for the dup. gmail insists on sending html)

I know I saw a few threads regarding support for moving submodules but I
lost track of the discussion.

At $dayjob we were discussing a potential re-org of our super-projects
to introduce a bit of hierarchy to the submodules (at the moment it's
fairly flat). One downside of this is the potential loss of locally
committed work. There is also a cost in terms of additional fetching but
we think that will be OK (fetches from local servers with smallish repos).

I was just wondering where things were at with git detecting submodule
moving/renaming? Will our developers be able to keep any local commits
when they happen to pull in the super-project commit that moves a commit.

I think some people with older clones will suffer without the newer
.git/modules layout but those can be manually fixed prior to the re-org.

FYI our current stock workstation install uses git version but
I'm recommending we update to 1.8.x before this re-org to pick up some
of the recent submodule improvements.


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