Gunnlaugur Thor Briem <> writes:

> the command:
> git stash save "some message" --keep-index
> stashes everything, including the index, and adds the "--keep-index"
> to the message. The manual labor of separating index hunks from hunks
> to stash is lost. This is in version
> This is a user error, of course (per the man page, parameters are not
> accepted after the message). But it would be better handled by
> erroring out, with a message like "git stash save does not permit
> parameters after the stash message".

Then the user cannot say

        git stash save some message that consists of multiple words

no?  You may have a WIP to enhance the behaviour of one option and
you might want to say

        git stash save wip: tweak behaviour of --keep-index

to save it away when switching to higher priority task.

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