Jeff King wrote:
> Thanks for the report. Clearly I should start running "make sparse" more
> often (the reason I don't is that it produces dozens of complaints about
> constants in /usr/include/bits/xopen_lim.h, which I could obviously care
> less about; I should look into suppressing that).

Hmm, I'm guessing you are on an 64bit system; if so, and you are running
the release version of sparse (v0.4.4 Nov 2011), I would clone the sparse
repo [1] and build from source. There have been many improvements to the
64bit support since the last release (I hear it was unusable). [Note: I
can't confirm that - I'm currently stuck on 32bits!]

Ramsay Jones

[1] git:// (which had been
dormant for quite some time, but sprang to life again last week).

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