On 02/22/2013 09:57 PM, Adam Mercer wrote:
> I'm trying to setup the post-receive-email hook, from contrib, using a
> custom_showrev, from the script I do this by setting hooks.showrev
> # hooks.showrev
> #   The shell command used to format each revision in the email, with
> #   "%s" replaced with the commit id.  Defaults to "git rev-list -1
> #   --pretty %s", displaying the commit id, author, date and log
> #   message.  To list full patches separated by a blank line, you
> #   could set this to "git show -C %s; echo".
> #   To list a gitweb/cgit URL *and* a full patch for each change set, use 
> this:
> #     "t=%s; printf 'http://.../?id=%%s' \$t; echo;echo; git show -C \$t; 
> echo"
> #   Be careful if "..." contains things that will be expanded by shell "eval"
> #   or printf.
> in my repositories config I have showrev set to:
> [hooks]
>         showrev = t=%s; printf
> 'http://server/cgit/repository/commit/?id=%%s' \$t; echo;echo; git
> show -C \$t; echo

If I type that into my .git/config file then type "git config
hooks.showrev" I get "bad config file line 7 in .git/config" due to the
"\$".  I think the quoting in the comment in post-receive-email is
written as if it would be passed via the command line to "git config"; i.e.,

    git config hooks.showrev "t=%s; printf 'http://.../?id=%%s' \$t;
echo;echo; git show -C \$t; echo"

Granted, the docs don't make that clear.  See git-config(1) for the
details of the config file syntax.


Michael Haggerty
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