Johannes Sixt venit, vidit, dixit 27.02.2013 07:39:
> Am 2/26/2013 23:38, schrieb Tim Chase:
>> Various programs that I use ([Open|Libre]Office, Vym, etc) use a
>> zipped/.tgz'ed file format, usually containing multiple
>> (usually) plain-text files within.
>> I'm trying to figure out a way for git to treat these as virtual
>> directories for purposes of merging/diffing.  
>> Reading up on clean/smudge filters, it looks like they expect one
>> file coming in and one file going out, rather than one file
>> on one side and a directory-tree of files on the other side.
>> I tried creating my own pair of clean/smudge filters that would
>> uncompress the files, but there's no good way put multiple files on
>> stdout.
>> Has anybody else played with such a scheme for uncompressing files as
>> they go into git and recompressing them as they come back out?
> I attempted to do something like this for OpenDocument files (I didn't get
> very far) until I discovered that LibreOffice can save "flat open document
> files". That combined with the option "save files optimized" switched off
> results in fairly readable XML in a single file that can even be merged
> under some circumstances.
> You would still need a clean filter that normalizes the style numbers,
> cross reference marks and other stuff that changes each time LibreOffice
> saves the file.
> -- Hannes

In general, using "zip -0" is a good way of getting something that
delta-compresses well and that can give a meaningful diff (and has no
information loss).

The (my) problem is that recompressing a zip archive (i.e. multi-file)
is a pita, you can't just use a pipe "unzip | zip -0". You'd have to do
that in a temp dir.

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