krishna chaitanya kurnala <> writes:

>    I working on Git Notes. I want to know if there is an easy way to
> obtain a list of all "namespaces"(For eg., git notes --ref=namespace
> ... ) with notes objects in a specific git repository. We can easily
> create, edit, merge git notes with commands if we know the namespaces
> and/or the sha. But, for example, Has anyone tried to search for a
> string in a git notes objects for that project etc?
>   The closest i can think of is using some options with git logs, for
> example, git log --show-notes=*  --format="%H %N" etc.
> Appreciate your time.

An easy way to list everything in refs/notes/ is

  git for-each-ref refs/notes/

but that of course won't figure out if you have more notes e.g. in
refs/remotes/origin/notes/* or some such.  I think this more general
problem can be solved only by heuristics, since the notes trees are
actually "just trees" -- the only distinction is that they have fairly
funny filenames in them.

Thomas Rast
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