Antoine Pelisse <> writes:

> When considering a rename for two files that have a suffix and a prefix
> that can overlap, a confusing line is shown. As an example, renaming
> "a/b/b/c" to "a/b/c" shows "a/b/{ => }/b/c", instead of "a/b/{b => }/c"
> Currently, what we do is calculate the common prefix ("a/b/"), and the
> common suffix ("/b/c"), but the same "/b/" is actually counted both in
> prefix and suffix. Then when calculating the size of the non-common part,
> we end-up with a negative value which is reset to 0, thus the "{ => }".
> Do not allow the common suffix to overlap the common prefix and stop
> when reaching a "/" that would be in both.
> Also add some test file to place corner-cases we could met (and this one)
> with rename pretty print.
> Signed-off-by: Antoine Pelisse <>
> ---

Hmm, haven't we already applied this with a fix from Thomas Rast and
queued the result to 'next'?
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