"W. Trevor King" <wk...@tremily.us> writes:

> Any suggestions for an elegant solution would be appreciated :).

My Meta checkout is not a submodule of anything.  It is a totally
independent repository and is not linked with git.git in any way.
It started as an independent repository, and it still is.

That it has been pushed to the same repository at k.org was a mere
historical accident (I only had that repository writable there when
I started); it not even a recommended practice to publish unrelated
histories in a single repository. You are seeing 'todo' in some of
my public mirrors only due to historical inertia.

Just treat the git.git primary directory and the Meta directory as
what they are: two checkouts of two totally independent projects,
one of which happens to be designed to be checked out at a fixed
location relative to the other.  When running "pull --ff-only", do
so in both independently.

That is what I do in my secondary repositories.

> Once we figure something out, I can write it up and stick it in
> howto/maintain-git.txt.

You are free to write and do whatever suites yourself, but a
description of a workflow that is not what I use does not belong to
the howto/maintain-git.txt document ;-)
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