On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 5:25 AM, Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> wrote:
>> When a remote ref or a tag is checked out, HEAD is automatically
>> detached. There is no user friendly way to find out what ref is
>> checked out in this case. This patch digs in reflog for this
>> information and shows "Detached from origin/master" or "Detached from
>> v1.8.0" instead of "Currently not on any branch".
> "Detached from" is a nice attempt to compromise in the phrasing.
> We usually say you detach HEAD at v1.8.0, but what is shown is what
> started from such a state but then the user may have built more
> history on top of it and may no longer be at v1.8.0, so obviously we
> do not want to say "Detached at".  We are in a "detached at v1.8.0
> and then possibly built one or more commits on top" state (would it
> be helpful to differentiate the "nothing built on top" and "some
> commits have been built on top" cases, I wonder).

Hmm.. never thought of that subtlety. Differentiating should be
possible. I'm just not sure if it would be helpful. Comments people,
do or not do?

> Also I wonder if you could do a bit more to help the users who do:
>     $ git checkout $(git merge-base HEAD nd/branch-show-rebase-bisect-state)
> aka
>     $ git checkout ...nd/branch-show-rebase-bisect-state
> and then do one or more commits on top.
> Instead of punting to "Currently not on any branch", would it help
> to show the place you first detached at, so that the user can then
> grab that commit object name and run
>     $ git log --oneline $that_commit..
> or something?

$that_commit would be HEAD@{-1} right? Should that be used instead of
grabbing random SHA-1 shown in git-status?

>> +static int grab_1st_switch(unsigned char *osha1, unsigned char *nsha1,
> Can't this be done by generalizing grab_nth_branch_switch() and then
> exposing it as part of the general API?

We could share the code, yes. Initially I wanted something that
resolves "@{-1}" and gives me the reflog entry. Maybe we could add a
function to do that.

> I also feel uneasy about two issues this and the previous change

I assume "previous change" is 1/5, reflog format change.

>  2) The previous one records this sequence in a funny way:
>         : start from branch A
>         git checkout B
>         git checkout C
>     The resulting reflog entries result in
>         checkout: moving from A to refs/heads/B
>         checkout: moving from B to refs/heads/C
>     even though existing code and tools are expecting to read
>         checkout: moving from A to B
>         checkout: moving from B to C

It does not record exactly user input, but the "to" part is basically
extended sha-1 and I don't think current tools parse them manually.
Instead just they should just pass them to git-rev-parse to do the
job. So this change is not really bad. But again the recent '!'
incident in attr.c shows that I know nothing about real world usage.
We could do dwim when parsing the reflog, which introduces no changes
in reflog format.

> By the way, even though the title of this patch is "status: show the
> ref that is checked out, even if it's detached", a quick check with
>         $ cd ../linux-3.0
>         $ git describe
>         v3.8-rc7
>         $ ../git.git/git-checkout v3.8-rc7
>         $ tail -n 1 .git/logs/HEAD | sed -e 's/.*checkout/checkout/'
>         checkout: moving from master to refs/tags/v3.8-rc7
>         $ ../git.git/git-status | head -n 1
>         # Not currently on any branch.
>         $ ../git.git/git-branch -v
>         * (no branch) 836dc9e Linux 3.8-rc7
>           master      836dc9e Linux 3.8-rc7
> does not seem to give me anything more helpful.

Yeah. I blame myself for copying from interpret_nth_prior_checkout()
without full understanding, and git's poor documentation (there's no
description about for_each_recent_reflog_ent, and that the caller is
supposed to call for_each_reflog_ent in some case; but I think this
convention is unintuitive, for_each_recent_reflog_ent should do that
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