Antoine Pelisse <> writes:

> It feels incorrect to me to coalsesce "- 5" and "-  5" as it might
> look incorrect to the user. But still the idea is appealing.

The users already need to see that when reading a regular patch with
one or more context lines and -b/-w/etc., anyway.  The context lines
are made into context only because whitespace differences were
ignored, and in the regular unified patch format we can show only
one version, either from preimage or from postimage, and have to
pick one.  Coalescing "- 5" and "-  5" into "--5" or "--  5" by
picking one or the other is the same thing, no?

> Using the exact example you gave, and running the latest next, I have
> this output, where 11 is not coalesced.
> Is that a bug ?

It could be tickling a corner case because the removal is at the end
of the file.  Perhaps adding 12 that is all common across three
versions and see what happens?
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